If you´re looking for a quiet yet cosy and homelike restaurant then Thama is the place to be! We tried it and we loved it! Scrolling in its website (en.thama.info) we read their philosophy behind the idea this restaurant and in general their view of Greek hospitality which made us adore them even more. We would love to share with you their ideas! 

"The original idea was to create a space where everyone could enjoy good food made out of pure ingredients. Thus, Thama was created.

Some homemade bread accompanied by extra virgin oil of Koroneiki variety… is the way we welcome everyone at Thama. The same way that people were welcomed inside every village house in Messinia.

We wanted to create a restaurant based on Messinian cuisine, honouring the products of our birthplace and with the desire to make them well known to everyone. Our traditional recipes breathe out the pure and clean products of the land of Messinia marking the beginning of a sensational journey of taste…"

Thama, located in Cholargos has become the new hot spot for Athenians, both families and also younger crowds who love and appreciate good food yet very affordable. additionally, it is worth mentioning that Thama's location is very easily accessible from all areas.

We highly recommend it.