Trahanoto is a gourmet pasta made with simple ingredients such as flour, slices of dehydrated onion and Greek yogurt. Most importantly it offers all the nutritional value for a balanced diet!

In Greece, Trahanoto is the equivalent to the Italian risotto. An ingredient for many gourmet dishes and also included in the menus of most Greek cuisine high end restaurants all over the world. It can be cooked in several ways and offers a wide variety of tastes, depending on the recipe. The past couple of years, well-known chefs have introduced Trahanoto, as an alternative to the Italian risotto.

Cooking Trahanoto is much easier and quicker than a risotto. It is a different type of pasta which blends tradition with gourmet cuisine.

The cooking process requires three simple steps:

Step1: Sauté the additional ingredients according to the recipe (i.e. mushrooms, bacon, salmon, seafood or other). Add the Trahanoto and sauté.

Step 2: Poor 800ml vegetable broth little by little, while stirring continuously.

Step 3: When all the liquids are absorbed and the Trahanoto has the same texture as the risotto, remove from heat and add some butter and/or parmesan or any other cheese.

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